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Awareness – Presentations

Awareness in I.T. Security & Investigations

Education and awareness are an important element of Computer Security.

We have provided information security awareness, training and awareness presentations to a number corporate organisations and the legal profession in relation to both I.T. Security awareness and investigative capabilities. The identities of which cannot be disclosed, others include:

“Getting users to ‘buy into’ security measures, will increase the level of protection within a network…”
  • Brunel University
  • Civil Service College
  • Interpol
  • R3
  • Royal Mail

I.T. Security Awareness

Typically, these talks and presentations are aimed at raising awareness of security issues for the majority of system users and are often combined with examples and demonstrations.

Getting users with little or no technical abilities to ‘buy into’ why they need to undertake certain measures, is more likely to increase the level of protection within a network than , “preaching to the converted or technically minded”.

Frequently, we have found users circumventing or bypassing security measures or requirements, simply because they are unaware of the implications.


In a recent review undertaken, we were asked to undertake an out of hours visit to the finance department of an insurance company.
Employees were required to, switch off their computers on leaving the premises.

As there was no other activity in the office, the fans of computers could be heard, which resulted in us finding two computers where; one of them had ‘blue tack’ covering the LED and the other had had the LED light removed from its socket and then covered with tape. When the computer screens were activated, they were both found to be still logged on allowing access to company information, across the network.

It transpired, that the employees in question were not aware of the potential risks associated with leaving their machines on and thought it was purely an energy saving exercise and that by not switching off their machines, they were saving time in the mornings!

Where the subjects covered have included:

Awareness in I.T. Security | Presentations | Training | Computer Security | Computer Crime
  • Computer Forensics
  • Digital Laboratory – Set-Up
  • I.T Security Awareness
  • Malicious Programs
  • Password Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Wi-Fi Exploitation

If someone constantly writes down their password on a piece of paper because I can’t remember the password or it is changed to frequently and they have no idea how to create and remember a password that complies with policy. All senior management, seemed to think that the policy does not apply to them, then either the policy or the method by which members of the organisation are trained and educated is failing.


We have provided awareness presentations to a number of practices within the legal profession in relation:

  • Applying the correct level of security to information they hold within their organisations.
  • The type of information available and how this can be acquired and applied in an appropriate manner.


“Systems, are only as secure as their weakest link.”

Raising awareness of security issues for the majority of system users and getting them to ‘buy into’ security measures, will significantly increase the level of protection within an organisation.

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