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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

As technology advances, cyber security attacks become more of a threat and the reliance on the secure storage of data increases digital forensics become more and more important. Data storage devices and the infrastructure around them have become the “scenes of many crimes”. Whether unauthorised access to systems or used as an instrument in the commission of a crime, such as the creation of a false document. Storage devices are likely to hold evidence, which may prove or disprove a party’s guilt or innocence. Such evidence could be in the form of communication, such as emails or text messages. Internet history or Jump lists relating to system activity. Contact information, showing associations between parties.

It is not just the content of documents or messages that are likely to be relevant to an investigation. The ‘metadata’ associated with relevant files is also likely to be of interest, such as the dates and times, when files were created, accessed or edited.

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We have the capability to provide a variety of digital forensic solutions across a number of platforms and are able to identify and preserve evidence obtained from computers, mobile phones, smart devices or networks alike. We have been providing electronic forensic investigation services to public and private sectors since 2000. As a result, we have extensive experience of giving evidence at court in the UK and a variety of other judicial forums in Europe and the USA.

Depending on specific circumstances, we use a variety of both in-house and industry standard tools and techniques to secure evidence in an acceptably sound manner.

Digital forensics have been common place for several years now. Consequently, the breadth and type of cases where commercial organisations and law firms alike are utilising forensics services continues to broaden.

Examples of which would include:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Employment Disputes
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Intellectual Property
  • Matrimonial Cases

Forensic services, not only involve the analysis of dedicated devices, such as, computers, laptops and mobile devices, but also network investigations, including unauthorised access to systems or data or a user’s abuse of privileges.



“Systems, are only as secure as their weakest link.”

We have been providing digital forensic services and expert testimony for computers, mobile phones, smart devices and networks alike, since 2002.

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