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Wireless Security

Wireless Security

In the continuing evolution of IT technology, the vast majority of today’s devices have built-in wireless capabilities. Hence, the technology has been adopted by most organisations. Cost effectiveness, in addition to ease of use and deployment, make it a viable solution for corporate networks.

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Security is a main concern for every organisation including those using wireless networks which allow connectivity to internal networks. If an unauthorised user connect to or monitor an access point, they will be able to retrieve information. Furthermore, if an attacker is able to gain access to an internal network via the wireless network. Their activity is likely to be harder to identify. As a consequence, it is important to verify that wireless security measures are applied correctly and are relevant.


Handshakes, I thought they were a form of friendly greeting!

Our wireless security services are conducted by experts, using a combination of in-house tools and techniques together with industry standard equipment.

Tests are designed to:

  • Identify access points, including any rogue or unauthorised devices and their geographical location.
  • Establish whether information regarding access points and SSID’s has been previously placed in the public domain.
  • Passively, harvest any data that is available including, any information regarding access points and devices connecting to them (At the time of testing).
  • Identify any ‘guest’ network access capabilities
  • Identify the type of encryption in use and actively intercept data transmissions, including ‘handshakes’.
  • Where WPA or WPA2 encryption is in use capture handshakes in addition, create a dedicated word list for password analysis.
    With any tests being undertaken within an agreed time frame.
  • Establish other possible methods of bypassing controls including key exchange.
  • Should any WEP encryption be identified standard tools will be used to crack the encryption.
  • Audit of access points directly connected to wired networks, to identify any applications and services which may be vulnerable to attack.

In addition, we can undertake wireless audits at or close to the homes of executives and other key personnel. To establish whether any opportunities exist to compromise assets, which subsequently allow access to the client network or whether any corporate leaks exist.

Handshakes,chunks of data containing encrypted passwords.

Wireless technology has been adopted by most organisations as a result of cost effectiveness, ease of use and deployment, a viable solution for corporate networks. The level of Wireless security applied matching the risks.

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