Experts in digital forensics and financial investigations

If you are seeking experts in either digital forensics for computers, mobile phones or cloud technologies or for financial inquiries, including company fraud or asset tracing.

You are in the right place.

Our core services

Digital Forensics

CCC have been providing expert testimony in relation to digital forensics for over 20 years. Working for government, police forces, corporations, as well as individuals in various jurisdictions around the world.

In that time, we have undertaken over 2,500 cases for potential criminal prosecutions alone.

Financial Investigations

Our experience with financial investigations dates back even further.

Irrespective of whether the investigation relates to the latest cryptocurrency scam or more traditional frauds involving banking, onshore or offshore companies, asset tracing, stocks, shares or commodities. We have the knowledge and experience to cater for your needs.

Computer Crime Consultants

Are a small team, with over forty years’ experience of investigating all types of crime, with over twenty years’ of experience in providing expert testimony in relation to computer or digital forensics.

We are used to working either independently or as part of a larger team in covert and overt environments.

Our extensive experience has often led to larger organisations requesting we undertake investigations on their behalf acting as subcontractors.

To get a better understanding of the type of work we undertake or the scope of our abilities, please visit our services and case study pages.

Our mission is simple.

To provide clients with the best solution to their problem, and if that’s not possible, to provide them with honest objective advice based on years of experience and expertise.

Our vision is simple, too.

As the digital world continues to evolve. CCC’s aim is to keep abreast of developments, without which, our mission to continue to provide the best possible solutions or advice to clients would not be possible.

EviTrack Applications

A spin-off from the forensic analysis of computer systems has been the creation of a number of modest applications designed to further automate some of the forensic processes which are often required.

On occasions, where normal forensic processes and procedures were not possible, this has also led to the creation of a number of bespoke applications designed not only to meet the needs of clients but be used by them too.

Some of which are now in the process of being updated and modified, so they can be made available to the wider public at a low cost, through our sister site EviTrack, where more information can be found.

digital forensics - CCC

Clients we have worked for

Much as we’d like to, we just can’t say, as client confidentiality is paramount at CCC.

Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, we have the expertise and knowledge to offer independent, impartial advice for services at affordable prices.

We listen to our clients looking to identify the best solution to fit their current needs. Caring for your business, cares for ours.

In court, an expert needs to be seen to be impartial in the evidence they give. It’s an approach we have adopted with all our clients. If the case is something, we can’t or won’t do, we’ll say so.

Need help or advice?

Digital Forensics at Computer Crime Consultants
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Highly motivated with innovative ideas

At CCC, we love a challenge and have frequently come up with innovative ideas and solutions to help clients achieve their goal. Which frequently involves getting definitive evidence to either prove or disprove a case. Something which can be of great importance when needing to have confidence in others. Whether business partners, employees, friends or even relatives.

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