CCC has undertaken, over two thousand electronic media investigations for criminal prosecutions on behalf of government agencies and police forces.  We have also been involved with numerous civilian cases for corporate and individual clients alike. Undertaking both covert and overt investigations all over the world.

Digital Forensics

We are equally happy working individually or as part of a team, helping lawyers, solicitors and other investigators involved with cases.

Our forensic expertise covers:

  • Devices  – Workstations, laptops & servers, mobile phones, PDA’s as well as smart devices.
  • Networks – Firewalls, routers and wireless access points.
  • Internet-based – cloud storage and social media.

Having provided expert testimony for a variety of legal forums in the UK, Europe, The USA, Asia and the Middle East.

CCC has also been involved in the creation of a number of dedicated computer crime units in Asia and the Middle East and has provided training for units in the UK.


The types of investigations, where we have provided both digital and traditional investigative skills include:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Banking, On-shore & Off-shore
  • Blackmail
  • Company Fraud
  • Computer Forensics
  • Domestic Violence
  • Due Diligence
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Intellectual Property (IP Theft)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Murder
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Share Ownership
  • Unauthorised Access – Hacking

We understand how sensitive inquiries of any kind can be to all parties and client confidentiality is paramount.

For examples of assignments undertaken...

Where appropriate, we have been able to undertake both overt and covert operations and investigations.

Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations |Computer Crime Consultants

Frequently, we find that it can be just as important to either, prove or disprove who may or may not have been responsible. This is especially so, when the potential for trust between the parties may exist. Such as with an employer, employee relationship. Handled badly, insensitive investigations, could, in the long run, cause more damage than the original incident.

Consequently, all our investigations, whether national or international are undertaken in a considered and controlled manner, to minimise potential risk to corporate and or individual image.

Although many involve electronic data, we also, undertake due diligence, corporate finance and risk assessment analysis. Where applicable, we also we have the capability and expertise to utilise more traditional services such as Bug Sweeps, Covert Surveillance, Vehicle Tracking & Human Intelligence.

The alternative view – Why be a victim?

Organised or planned crimes such as extortion and blackmail rely on the victim, whether corporate or an individual becoming exposed and at risk. With some form of betrayal often being the seed. If you feel you could be a potential victim, why take the chance. We could help in developing strategies to either mitigate or minimise the risk and protect those interests, whether it an organisation or individual.

For examples of assignments undertaken...

Our expertise and experience, uniquely combines electronic forensic skills, with an understanding of corporate finance.

Asset Tracing – Audit – Computer Security – Digital Forensics – Due Diligence – eDiscovery – Fraud Investigation

Intelligence Gathering -Passwords Analysis – Penetration Testing – Wireless Security

Services underpinned with expertise and experience.