Case Studies and Assignments – What we do

Having provided expert witness testimony, relating to computer forensic examinations for over two thousand five hundred criminal cases.

We have also undertaken digital investigations together with a number of complimentary services for both civil and corporate clients.
Either to assist with resolution, recovery or litigation support.

A small sample of which are detailed below:


  • Due to the confidential nature of assignments, information which could identify our clients has been removed.
  • A small number of anonymised reports, providing greater detail of our capabilities, are available upon request.

Murder & Blackmail - Eastern Europe - Finance Sector

Blackmail - Personal - Europe

Asset ownership dispute - Off-shore tax havens

Intellectual Property Theft – Oil & Gas Sector - UK

Industrial Espionage – Consumer Sector - North America

Fraud Investigation (Covert) – Finance Sector – Balkans

Other Assignments

Security Review, Audit & Penetration Testing – Transport - UK

Third Party Review- Finance Sector - UK

Security Review – Penetration Testing & Provision of ISO 7799:2005 Security Policy – Oil & Gas Sector – UAE

Our expertise and experience, uniquely combines electronic forensic skills, with an understanding of corporate finance.

Asset Tracing – Audit – Computer Security – Digital Forensics – Due Diligence – eDiscovery – Fraud Investigation

Intelligence Gathering -Passwords Analysis – Penetration Testing – Wireless Security

Services underpinned with expertise and experience.