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CCC has been providing high-quality investigation services to clients since 1996. Where the experience of former members of new Scotland Yard’s Computer Crime Unit and Company Fraud Department come to bear. As detectives working at NSY, they were involved with some of the largest and most complex crimes of their times. Where circumstances have dictated, officers worked independently, while being part of a team. That experience remains with those at CCC equally at home, working either independently or as part of a team. The investigations we have undertaken are many and varied, and include the following areas:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Asset Stripping
  • Banking, On-shore & Off-shore
  • Blackmail
  • Company Fraud
  • Computer Forensics
  • Domestic Violence
  • Due Diligence
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Intellectual Property (IP Theft)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Murder
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Share Ownership
  • Shipping Frauds
  • Unauthorised Access to computer networks

We understand how sensitive inquiries of any kind can be to all parties and that badly handled or insensitive investigations can cause more damage than the original incident. All our investigations are undertaken in a considered and controlled manner, where the potential risk to reputation is always at the forefront of our thoughts when making suggestions as to a particular course of action that may be required.

We also appreciate that in many, if not all cases where it may not be possible to conclusively prove that an individual was responsible for an incident. It is just as important to prove they were not responsible. Especially where there is an need for trust between the parties to remain.

Although many of our investigations start with the examination of digital devices. We can also undertake more traditional elements of investigations, such as due diligence or risk assessments. As well as having access to other investigative services that include bespoke qualitative due diligence services internationally, bug sweeps or TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures), covert surveillance, vehicle tracking, through a long-standing trusted partner.

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Cyber Security - Assessment

Computer Security, I.T. Security or Cyber Security relates to the physical and nonphysical protection of electronic systems. Where tangible assets such as the hardware need to be protected from theft or damage. As well as intangible assets such as the software and data, which also need protection, to ensure the functionality of systems and the confidentiality, accuracy and availability of data. Such protection should also extend to preventing the misuse of or disruption to service.

The definition of a good hack – Nobody knows it happened…

Our lives are becoming more entwined with the digital era, to such a degree, that any significant failures in availability or loss of data can become headline news within minutes. Such is our reliance on this technology, whether banking, buying online, social media or just accessing e-mail. As a result, it is not inconceivable that in the relatively near future, we may well live in a ‘cashless’ society, giving cyber security an even greater role to play in our daily lives.

CCC can provide a comprehensive range of cyber security services, covering analysis, investigation, review and recommendation, for systems and networks alike.


“Cyberspace” is a term used to describe networks and the devices attached to them which store, process and communicate information that cyber security protects.

Buzzwords for a buzzlight year!

With businesses moving on-line to keep pace with the modern day demands means that the data they need to access and manipulate these services also needs to be stored in cyberspace. With the data often becoming the target of attackers, whether to ransom or utilise in some other way. The data has value.

In today’s world, cyber security affects us all, with critical national infrastructures (CNIs), corporate networks and individual users having to rely on the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the data.

From experience, CCC knows that malicious activities aimed at human and physical aspects of our world often lead to applied security measures getting by-passed.

Some long-standing examples include:

  • Tricking individuals to open documents or links that lead to malicious code being executed.
  • Gaining employment with a company which provides physical access to systems.
  • Searching corporate waste for information that will ultimately help in gaining access to target data or systems.

‘dustbin diving’  – it still happens.

When assessing the cyber security status of an environment, the physical, personnel and digital elements all need to be evaluated as one. Assessing elements on their own is likely to lead to weaknesses that can and will be exploited by attackers.

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Computer Forensics - Computer Crime Consultants

Computer Forensics

The original discipline in a growing group of electronic devices and storage media that are now the subject of digital forensics. CCC has and continues to provide investigative services and expert testimony covering the full range of disciplines for both criminal and civil cases, with clients including police forces, government agencies, corporate clients, the legal profession and individuals alike.

Where there is a potential for the results of an examination being used in legal proceedings, examinations are undertaken in accordance with ACPO guidelines.

Examples of the types of information or data capable of recovery from a computer would include:

  • Audio
  • Backups
  • Calendar events
  • Chat
  • Cloud
  • Digital assistant reminders.
  • E-mail
  • Encrypted
  • Files – documents, spreadsheets etc.
  • File
  • Internet activity
  • Media
  • Messaging
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Pictures
  • Remote
  • Keyword search results
  • Social networking
    – Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Timezone data
  • User Account
  • Videos
  • Virtual environments
  • Wi-Fi
  • Xbox
  • Virtual environments
    – MS teams, Zoom etc.

For more detailed information regarding specific artefacts that may be recoverable during an examination. Such as, bitcoin logged queries, cryptocurrency clients or cryptocurrency wallets, please email

Mobile Forensics - Computer Crime Consultants

Mobile Forensics

With advances in solid state technologies, mobile devices have increased their capabilities significantly, where apart contact, voice and text communications existing, social media technologies, audio, video and graphics can now also be found on the same device. Increasing the need for comprehensive mobile forensics to be undertaken.

The examination of mobile devices and other hand-held devices have increased significantly as the number of applications capable of use and volume of recoverable data has also increased. For many, these devices act as organisers, storing additional personal information. Such as significant dates, events, meetings, contact information, even passwords.

CCC provide a comprehensive range of mobile forensic services, for evidential, intelligence, or data recovery purposes.

Examples of the type of data available mobile phones and other handheld devices can include:

  • Application Data
  • Call logs
  • Deleted information
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Geo-location data (GPS)
  • Images
  • Instant Messaging
  • Internet History
  • Multimedia Messages
  • Network Connectivity
  • Passwords
  • Phonebooks
  • Residual “digital assistant” data
  • SIM Card Data Analysis
  • Social Media
  • Text Messages
  • Video
  • VOIP Data
  • Wi-Fi History

Meta data contained within files such as images, can also contain location data, which may be relevant to an investigation.

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mobile forensics

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security


In the continuing evolution of IT technology, the vast majority of today’s devices now have built-in wireless capabilities. As a result, wireless technologies can now be found in most homes, as well as being adopted by most organisations, due to its cost effectiveness, ease of use and deployment capabilities. Making it a viable solution for corporate networks large and small, wishing to ensure cost effective connectivity with any satellite elements of their businesses.

The definition of ‘handshake’; a form of friendly greeting or a way of capturing Wi-Fi passwords!

Unfortunately, this deployment has led to a significant increase in the number of targeted attacks on systems where poor configuration or a quality assurance on updates has led to attackers identifying vulnerabilities that have allowed access to networks. Individuals at home, who may be executives associated with target corporations, need to know that wireless access points, both at home and at work, are frequently seen as a means by which attackers can gain access systems with little risk to themselves. Furthermore, by subverting either, there is a high probability that the attacker will be able to gain access to other internal elements of a target network. It should also be noted that any decent hacker who has gained access to a network using the wireless network as a point of entry will have passively monitored the network, looking to garner sufficient information about the identify authorised users and their devices so as to emulate them during an attack. Making it harder for security systems to detect their presence.

It is important to verify that wireless security measures commensurate with the environment are not only in place but also current, applied correctly and relevant.


CCC, wireless testing is undertaken by experts using a combination of in-house tools and techniques together with industry standard equipment.

Never heard of Zero-day warez? You need to?

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