Computer Crime Consultants – Digital & Fraud Investigation Specialists

We are an independent UK company, incorporated in 1996.

With our unique combination of crime investigation and computer forensics expertise, we have provided high-quality investigative services and expert witness testimony in thousands of criminal and civil cases. Frequently, saving clients time and money.

We have provided computer forensic expert testimony as both a prosecution and defence witness since 2002.  For police forces, government agencies, corporate clients and the legal profession, in a number of different jurisdictions. Including the UK, Europe, The USA, Asia and the Middle East.

We have also provided elements of computer forensic training for units in the UK and Interpol.

For examples of assignments we have undertaken

Our combination of experience and expertise has frequently allowed for the correct interpretation of the results of searches.  Allowing cases to continue without the need for possible advice and guidance from other experts.  Frequently, saving both time and money for clients.

Computer Security | Computer Crime | Fraud

Apart from digital forensic expertise we also have an in-depth knowledge of: company and business structures, accounting, banking, off-shore companies, trusts, settlements and foundations in a number of countries, stocks, shares and commodities.

Consequently, the types of projects we have been involved in are wide ranging.

From the conventional digital investigations and analysis for computer forensics, penetration testing, intelligence gathering and electronic asset tracing.  To what would be considered more traditional investigations. Such as extortion, blackmail, murder, intellectual property, due diligence and share price manipulation.

Client confidentiality is paramount, and we pride ourselves in our ability to maintain those standards throughout all areas of work.  CCC has also provided information security awareness presentations to a number of corporate organisations, which for confidentiality reasons are not listed, others include:

  • Interpol
  • R3
  • Civil Service College
  • Royal Mail
  • Brunel University
For examples of assignments we have undertaken

Our expertise and experience, uniquely combines electronic forensic skills, with an understanding of corporate finance.

Asset Tracing – Audit – Computer Security – Digital Forensics – Due Diligence – eDiscovery – Fraud Investigation

Intelligence Gathering -Passwords Analysis – Penetration Testing – Wireless Security

Services underpinned with expertise and experience.