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If you are looking for a no-frills service provided by experts at affordable prices, then look no further. We are certified experts with a tremendous amount of experience in both computer forensics and financial investigations.

This unique combination of expertise and experience means that we are frequently asked to act as sub-contractors for larger organisations, unable to easily provide similar levels of services.

Contacting CCC directly would undoubtedly be more cost effective.


Our Core Values

A brief history

Computer Crime Consultants is a small independent company originally formed by former members of New Scotland Yard’s Computer Crime Unit and Company Fraud Department in 1996.

The company now specialises in a combination of computer forensics and financial investigations, together with other disciplines often required to complete a project. Further details of which can be found on our services page.

Our unique combination of crime investigation and computer forensics expertise continues to allow us to provide high quality, cost effective investigative services. Since 2002, we have provided expert testimony for thousands of computer forensics cases, for both prosecution and defence. Having been instructed by Police Forces, Government Agencies, global corporate clients, the Legal profession, as well as individuals, in several jurisdictions around the world that include the UK, Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Every case, no matter how big or small, receives the same amount of attention. Professionalism along with confidentiality remain our primary goals.


The fact that members of the company have been commended by trial judges for their work in relation to a number of major investigations that include money laundering, murder, a complex off-shore banking investigation, high value insurance frauds and a boiler-house trading fraud demonstrates the level of professionalism within CCC.


Our unique combination of experience and expertise in the various disciplines has frequently allowed for cases to continue uninterrupted and without the need to seek specialist advice from others in either digital or financial world. This understanding has on occasions led to clients being able to seize or recover assets before an opportunity to move them arises.

Apart from digital forensic expertise, we also have an in-depth knowledge of company and business structures, accounting, banking, off-shore companies, the use and abuse of quasi trusts, settlements and foundations in various jurisdictions. This includes stock markets, share and commodity trading and in more recent times cryptocurrency.

In the past, the company was also involved in various other IT security activities, which include penetration testing, security audits, training and the provision of IT security policies in accordance with prevailing ISO standards. Whilst these activities would no longer be considered core to the business, the skills and experiences gained from them remain within the company.

Consequently, the projects we have been involved in are wide ranging.

From what most people would consider conventional digital investigations or computer forensics, penetration testing, intelligence gathering and asset tracing. Through to what would be considered more traditional investigations, such as extortion, blackmail, murder, intellectual property, due diligence and share price manipulation.

CCC has also provided information security awareness presentations to several corporate organisations who cannot be named, as well as:

  • Brunel, Royal Holloway & Queen Mary Universities
  • Civil Service College
  • Interpol
  • R3
  • Royal Mail
Computer forensics at Computer Crime Consultants

Have a case in mind?

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Other cases not typically be associated with CCC’s core skills successfully taken include:

  • Administering noxious substances
  • Blackmail
  • Suspicious deaths

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