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As part of our in-house suite of tools we have developed a number of bespoke applications designed to further automate a number of forensic processes.  This has led to the development of bespoke tools being created specifically to be used by the end client their given situation. Where, what would be described as standard forensic procedures were not possible.

A number of these tools are now in the process of being modified and updated so they can be made available to a wider audience through our sister site EviTrack.

The first of these is Assure, a guided, no frills forensic imaging application used to obtain copies of electronic media in an evidentially sound manner, in accordance with ACPO guidelines. Which in simple terms means that any evidence obtained from the forensic images can be used in a court of law, should it be needed.

Why use Assure?

Apart from the low cost, EviTrack Assure is the only product we have found that:

  • Provides a way of obtaining evidentially sound copies of electronic media that are compliant with ACPO guidelines, where an expert does not need to be present.
    Which in turn means that any evidence found is capable of being used in a court of law.
  • As an expert no longer needs to be present, this element of the process could effectively be done by post. Again, saving time and money.


  • This assumes that no modifications to the application have been made.
  • EviTrack Assure, checks, tracks and contemporaneously records individual case activity to monitor compliance.
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