Password Hash – Submission

We have developed a series of tools and methodologies designed to test passwords created using a wide variety of algorithms, including WPA, WPA2, NTLM, MD5, SHA1 MS Office, pdf etc.  We have designed customisable processes to automatically undertake a variety of tests in sequence, increasing in complexity and strength. Furthermore, sequencing can be modified to cater for an organisation’s particular needs.

Set out below, is a very small sample of passwords that have been decrypted by CCC within one hour of the commencement of the exercise.

Note:  Password analysis will only be undertaken on behalf of third parties, where their identity and the purpose of the exercise has been validated.

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Examples cracked
Hash Password
f41443f3a539e92b86e439b3b291fdf4 jayda1234jayda
67b7f3f5b2575101804b136ffd2788f8 qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmik,ol.p;/
282ef659e4d1a27707eac78877c6a4ef jjthejetplane
ae338b260e1e9f43260191ac1d4e1999 alyssavanderpoel
c09b2b3367e762a2a91b24b4b256052f lolololovelolololove
ee8f116a1c21b02175e7617279b3ece2 mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsaqwertyuiop
c2ad2f1c2c8ed728fd5a8a96565efd41 edwardandaliceforever
e8398d2446afe766d11a32a3a9184498 asdfghjkl123456789876543210
9e27006396351c8e9df6e69c7d1b3982 78f07b6445552f8c
50dacfb43112c66144737ab57463761c 78fDlyp6IWAbE
dcde7c6002a6efc55b99fa900bb06178 Zv9hrsJsv8as2eswasadawasa68
928ab44c181daf0e50fb7d0b60a888b8 Zv9hrsJsv8aws2eswasadawasa68
dac04886f55d293e98f3fd4a563e5236 Zv9hrsJsv8awss2eswasadawasa68

To submit hashes, please complete the following information:

Cap files should be emailed to

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“Systems, are only as secure as their weakest link.”

Password hash analysis offers, a method by which organisations can establish whether measures in place provide adequate protection.

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