Intellectual Property Theft - Oil & Gas Sector


A long-standing client working in the Oil and Gas industry had been at the forefront of developing innovative technologies in relation locating and identifying new sources of ocean borne energy had become concerned they were being targeted as a result of a break-in at an executive’s home where very little had been taken. Although there was evidence of documents being examined as well as items being moved in an area where the telephone lines entered the property and routers that provided both intra and internet services were accessible.


Having been provided with rudimentary details of the client’s business and home networks, CCC deployed black boxes to monitor for unusual activity, which within days found that their mail server and back-up servers were being targeted and that the source of the attack emanated from a legitimate third-party connection.

Further investigation established that the specific email accounts being targeted belonged to members of staff, primarily engaged in the development as well as assisting with the provision of information in relation to patent applications.

As the client trusted the third-party, and with their co-operation, we were able to identify a wireless access point which had been compromised and despite our best efforts; it was not possible to specifically identify those responsible for the attack. Although the systems were secured together with additional protective measures were deployed.

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