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Due Diligence - Computer Crime Consultants CCC
Due Diligence - Computer Crime Consultants CCC

Due Diligence

CCC has access to a unique independent commercial intelligence service. Through which it is possible to undertake extensive bespoke qualitative due diligence services for selected clients, with a leaning towards emerging frontier economies, with a focus on Eastern Europe, the Caspian and West Africa. Through which we can offer an unparalleled insight into markets where information streams are scarce and unreliable and where rules may be skewed against external investors.

Combined with our due diligence service, we are able to offer pre-entry analysis to clients wishing to enter or expand further into such markets. With a focus on political, business, and criminal issues that may impact on client investment strategies, providing a qualified overall risk assessment.

In many frontier economies, the above categories are not mutually exclusive, our analysis is aimed at identifying nuances and other synchronicities that may exist between host governments, local managers and organised crime influences.

These bespoke services focus on client specific areas and requirements.


Our Political overview offers insightful analysis and reporting on several key areas such as

  • The political environment
  • Regime stability
  • Continuity of governance
  • The key powerbrokers
  • Government attitude to foreign partners
  • Identification of individuals politically exposed
  • Identification of relevant treaties
  • Regional and local security

Our business overview offers an in-depth evaluation of legacy and contemporary factors that may impact upon entry strategy and in-country operations, including:

  • Comprehensive due diligence of local partners
  • Verification of shareholder structures
  • Analysis of clan and oligarch structures
  • Identification of principals
  • Identification of historical issues faced by foreign partners
  • Assessment of local attitudes
  • Assessment of infrastructure
  • Profiling
  • Bespoke event risk
  • International trade blocs

Relying on our extensive network of embedded contacts, we offer clients:

  • Comprehensive due diligence of local partners
  • Identification of prevalent criminal structures
  • Identification of internal corruption issues

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Open Source Intelligence OSINT - Computer Crime Consultants

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the application of information gathering from public sources, which includes the collection, processing and analysis of data. With a view to utilising the results in the best possible way. At CCC, we understand the diversity of data sources and how to apply information identified.

Sources information include databases, published records, patent records and other data available to the public, effectively garnering such information, may require a variety of specialist techniques.

Where sources of information are likely to include social media and there is a possibility that the information could be used for litigation, there is a need to ensure that this information is from a legitimate source, accurate and has been obtained in an acceptable manner, with appropriate records being kept. Simply taking a series of screenshots while taking notes on a site may not be either sound or acceptable. Social media platforms are not designed to be ‘imaged or copied’ using conventional methods. Our tools and techniques meet those needs.

Most intelligence gathering exercises typically fall into the following areas:

  • Corporate
  • Criminal
  • Personal
  • Political

As such, these elements often form part of a case. Whether a fraud investigation, asset tracing enquiry or part of a larger and more comprehensive due diligence exercise. It is a discipline that we have become proficient at priding ourselves on being able to provide bespoke services that concentrate on a client’s specific needs within their specific arenas.

The aggregation of data from a variety of sources exponentially increases value

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